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  Trip Report: Colorado's Tunnel Motors - Chapter 3
  Saturday's MDVPU
DRGW 5413 and three others, 2-Jun-2001
  From: Colorado's Tunnel Motors Dates: May 28 - June 2, 2001 Author: Nathan Holmes

Photo 19
While I'd been following 5413 since South Denver, the first shot I decided to take was at Louviers, CO, due to congestion in Denver. Just as the train showed up, the lighting went bad...
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Photo 20
Taken just off of Yucca Hills Road, DRGW 5413 and consist speed south past Castle Rock and towards Larkspur along I-25.
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Photo 21
Not to leave out the T-2s in the middle, I've decided to include photos of them as well. Here is the second unit, DRGW 5385.
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Photo 22
Third unit, DRGW 5407.
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Photo 23
Finally and fouth, DRGW 5377, followed by a Rio Grande ACF 2-bay hopper.
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Photo 24
The next shot at decent light turned out to be north of Palmer Lake, where the four are seen following ten minutes behind a BNSF manifest. They're about to head down into the "sag", a small downgrade created when the crossover bridge was removed.
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Photo 25
DRGW 5413 crawls along through some beautiful evening sun while waiting on the signal to clear at Palmer.
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Photo 26
Finally getting the green, all four throttle up for the final bit of climbing to the summit.
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Photo 27
The power heads downhill through the curve around the lake, while most of the train is still working upgrade into Palmer.
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Photo 28
Well on its way down into Colorado Springs, DRGW 5413 descends towards the Baptist Road grade crossing, just south of Monument, only seconds before clouds remove any and all useful light for the evening.
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Oh yes, one other thing I should probably mention - all the images here are Copyright 2001 Nathan D. Holmes (maverick@drgw.net)
Note this doesn't mean you can't use them - In fact, I encourage people to use and enjoy them.
I'm placing them under the same license as RailARC images.
All images were taken with an Olympus C-3000 camera, a beautiful piece of machinery.