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  Trip Report: Colorado's Tunnel Motors - Chapter 2
  Saturday's Moffat Special
5342 and a M-o-W Train, 2-Jun-2001
  From: Colorado's Tunnel Motors Dates: May 28 - June 2, 2001 Author: Nathan Holmes

Photo 10
The first train of the day, an eastbound coal train just east of Tolland, lead by SP 252. It's amazing how much 52 sounds like 42 on the radio when you're expecting 5342 to show at any minute.
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Photo 11
First sighting at the East East Portal grade crossing (no, that's not a mistype). With Amtrak only 30 minutes down the line, he's headed into Tolland.
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Photo 12
After going in the hole, the train proceeds across the grade crossing at Tolland, CO.
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Photo 13
The load in question - DRGW 21501, something that's alternately been described as a crane and a pile driver. I could see it as both...
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Photo 14
The westbound California Zephyr crosses South Boulder Creek, just east of Tolland.
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Photo 15
With Amtrak out of the way, the dispatcher wastes no time getting the fleet of eastbounds moving again, with DRGW 5342 and four car train bringing up the rear.
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Photo 16
Being nearly 1400h at this point, lighting on eastbounds is tough, at best. Seen here just west of Pinecliff, CO, DRGW 5342 is still heading east very quickly.
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Photo 17
After just missing him at Crescent, I decided to go for Plainview. That didn't work so well, so I retreated to the Blue Mountain Road crossing.
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Photo 18
Rounding the bend and heading for Clay to meet a westbound empty coal train. After this, they put 5342 and train in Leyden to await entry to North Yard. I decided to go after MDVPU rather than wait.
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