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From: DRGW@yahoogroups.c...
Date: 2018-05-01 12:44:06
Subject: [DRGW] File - DRGW List Guidelines (Required Reading)

Hello D&RGW List Member -

This is confirmation that you are subscribed to the Denver & Rio
Grande Western e-mail list on YahooGroups. This message is sent to
the list monthly. Please take a moment to review this message and the
DRGW list guidelines that govern its members.

This list was started in May of 1998 so that fellow D&RGW fans would
have a place on the Internet to exchange information. Please keep all
posts on topic. As stated in the description for the list, on topic is
"Devoted to the discussion of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad
(and its predecessors), to current operations of former Rio Grande
equipment, and to operations on former Rio Grande trackage."

Failure to keep posts "on topic" will find you first warned by the
moderator and your subscription set to moderated. Habitually off topic
posting or commenting may even get you unsubscribed from the list which
has happened. Any posts that are clearly in nature ("buy this new mp3
player cheap!", etc) may result in your immediate removal from the
list without warning.


The guidelines for the DRGW list are simple and are to be followed
by everyone:

1. As a courtesy to other list members, especially digest readers,
please delete a majority of the post you reply to; it saves them the
trouble of reading the same message two, three, or four times.
Without your consideration, the digest can become unbearable long
with nothing but repeated information. List members who habitually
disregard this guideline will find themselves unsubscribed from the
list without warning and will need to resubscribe if they want to
continue participating in discussions.

2. No profanity or flaming. Inability to follow this rule will get
you a warning and immediately moderated for a length of time at the
discretion of the moderator. A repeat offense will find you banned
for 30 days. At this time, no one has been moderated.

3. No attachments to messages to the list are allowed. The list
is set up to strip all attachments off the message anyway to protect
against viruses. If you want to send an image or other file to a list
member, use their e-mail address, not the list's. If you want to
send a file or image to everyone, please post it in the Files or
Photos section, as appropriate.

4. Keep your posts "on topic". This means that your post should
relate to the Denver and Rio Grande Western, whether it be past,
present or (as unlikely as it might be) future.

Examples of obviously valid discussion topics:
a. D&RG NG Steam Engines
b. Athearn MDC Thrall Coal Gons
c. Common Coal Cars on the DRGW Between 1969-1989

Examples of obviously invalid discussion topics:
a. The creation of the Penn Central
b. UP 844 on UP's Greeley Subdivision
c. BNSF Dispatching Operations in Fort Worth

Examples of not-so-obvious VALID discussion topics:
a. UP 844 running on the Joint Line
b. Rio Grande Heritage Unit (UP 1989) spotted in Seattle
c. UP train symbol changes over the Moffat Tunnel Sub

In the last set of examples, each topic indirectly deals with the
former Rio Grande, even if the only reference today is the trackage.

5. is not allowed on this list. If you are a
member of, you will be unsubscribed from the
list without warning. is setup by allowing access
to your Yahoo login. That gives access to all the
members of this list as well as their email addresses.

6. Several email clients such as AOL use HTML/Rich Text in
email replies. Consequently, these replies can become very
cluttered and difficult to follow and read. Please disable
HTML messages. Here is a link to a website showing how to
do so in many different email clients, including AOL:

7. If you do see a SPAM message come through on the list,
please just ignore it. The moderator will handle the situation
by deleting the SPAM message from the list archives as well
as dealing with the poster. Replying to a SPAM message on the
list will only make the problem worse. Anybody replying to a
SPAM message online may be subject to moderation.

8. Selling items is allowed on the list, with a few conditions
and guidelines:

8a. Use your best judgment when determining whether or not
the item(s) you are selling is relevant and related to the Rio
Grande. If the DRGW-content isn't clear, you may be contacted by
the moderator to verify the content is DRGW-related.

8b. Business sales are more that welcome, so long as the items
for sale are related to the Rio Grande. If you are selling
more than 5-10 items, please do not list all the items in the
body of your email. Instead, provide a brief description and a
link to a website where the items may be purchased.

8c. Items being listed for sale may only be posted to the list
on Fridays. Please do not list your items on the other six days
of the week.

8d. When sending an email to the group that includes items that are
for sale, you must include either "[FS]" or "FOR SALE" in the
subject line of the email.


DRGW related files and images can be posted to the Files or Photos
section, as appropriate, on YahooGroups at

Please keep all images under 130k so that space is available for all
DRGW members to share their work or information. It is also
recommend that you place your images or files in a logically labeled
folder for easy reference. These areas are not permanent storage and
older files will be purged without warning.


Please use the following e-mail addresses to:

Post a message: drgw@yahoogroups.c...
Subscribe: drgw-subscribe@yahoogroups.c...
Unsubscribe: drgw-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.c...
Contact a list moderator: drgw-owner@yahoogroups.c...

Also, you can change your subscription to the DRGW list via the
YahooGroups web site, at, and entering
the DRGW section on the left once your username and password are entered.
This menu will also let you change your subscription between 'individual
mail', 'digest', and 'no mail' mode.

In an effort to keep spammers and other lower forms of life off of the
list, and out of your mailbox, membership to the list is now restricted.
Upon a subscription request, an e-mail is automatically sent to the
prospective member. Upon a satisfactory response to that e-mail, the
member will be approved.

Thus, if you will be gone from the list for a few days you would best be
served to edit your membership on the list to either receive daily
digests of all the emails in one email, or set it for no email at all.
Then when you return you can reset your membership for individual emails
or whatever you would like.

New members will not initially be set to a moderated status, but if you
do not comply with the list guidelines, you will find yourself quickly
placed on moderated status. If you spam the list with irrelevant junk,
you will be banned from the list immediately!

Thank you for your consideration and if you have any questions please
send e-mail to the address below.

DRGW List Staff



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